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Food & Water webinars

Standards and guidelines for heat exchangers in pharmaceutical water systems

In this on-demand webinar, our pharma experts will show you how you will have peace of mind with choosing the right and safe equipment.

Watch the webinar to get insights about:
• what different standards and guidelines, US FDA, ISPE, ASME BPE, say about heat exchangers for use in pharmaceutical grade water systems
• how Alfa Laval utilizes and sometimes goes beyond that guidance when designing and manufacturing heat exchangers for pharmaceutical water systems
• Alfa Laval's Pharma-line product portfolio including Pharma-line shell and tube series and our new point of use cooler, Pharma-line Point of Use

Reduce up to 90% CIP water consumption by optimizing the cleaning process of valves

Watch the on-demand webinar with our hygienic equipment experts to know how we can help you to reduce the CIP cost of process valves with significantly less water and cleaning chemicals using new generation of valve control units. You will also understand how to reduce commissioning time using these new control units.

Connected Services for Decanter Centrifuges

Alfa Laval’s Connected Services enable remote support and predictive maintenance of your decanter centrifuge. Want to know more? Watch our on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights on how data-driven service decisions help you secure and increase your decanter centrifuge’s uptime.

Learn how:
• Alfa Laval is paving the way toward predictive maintenance for decanters
• Reliable uptime is ensured by predictive maintenance plans
• ConditionAlert™ can help you optimize service intervals to reduce costs

Tank cleaning machines – Sustainability viewpoint

Maintaining a high hygiene standard has always been essential for pharma, home & personal care, food, dairy, beverage and beer producers. Watch our webinar with our hygienic equipment expert to gain tips on how to clean your tanks with significantly less time, water, and cleaning chemicals using best-in-class cleaning technology.

Energy webinars

Performance Certification for Sustainability - AHRI

Performance Certification of plate heat exchangers will make sure that the chillers' evaporator and condenser are working at design evaporation and condensation parameters. Watch the webinar with our performance certification expert to eliminate uncertainty about thermal performance in plate heat exchangers and reach your sustainability targets.

Boosting efficiency and reliability of process plant cooling systems

Are you looking for ways to ensure optimal process conditions and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime in your plant? Watch the on-demand webinar to gain tips on how to boost the efficiency and reliability of your process plant cooling system with Alfa Laval ALF filters .

HEXpert - A custom heat exchanger selector tool – in four simple steps!

When you need to find the most efficient heat exchanger for your duty, access to qualified expertise makes your life a lot easier. Alfa Laval has made it simpler and faster to get the right information – right when you need it – with the HEXpert tool.

In our 30 minute introductory session, we shall introduce the tool and run through two live cases to show how easy it is for you to take the first step in identifying the right technology for your needs.

Marine webinars

Maximizing the Efficiency of your Engine Power Plant

In this on-demand webinar, our experts talk about maximizing the efficiency of your engine power plant. At Alfa Laval, we have solutions which can not only help in safeguarding the environment but also in saving natural resources. Our solutions make your plant more sustainable by:
• recycling water
• recovering fuel
• reducing emissions

Turning boiler data to efficient vessel operation

Connectivity is changing the way equipment and systems are managed, even at sea. When data is used as the basis for decisions, cumulatively or in real time, it leads to longer uptime, performance enhancements and a great deal of savings. Boilers being one of the key equipment onboard are no exception for an efficient vessel operation.

This on-demand webinar includes technical details along with customer case studies. We will introduce you to boiler connectivity and the specific offerings in Alfa Laval Digital Services for Aalborg boilers. You’ll find out how the services work, but more importantly how you and your boilers can benefit.


Succeed in ballast water treatment

Ballast water treatment is all about protecting the environment. But acquiring a ballast water treatment system is all about your needs: being able to sail smoothly, with timely deliveries and fulfilled obligations towards your customers. “What’s the best fit for your fleet?” The answer in ballast water treatment isn’t necessarily a simple one. How do you know which parameters to look at? And what insights will a type approval certificate really give you? Find out during the on-demand webinar.
We’ll also look into how to approach a BWTS project and key takeaways to make it successful.  For many organizations, already working at their limit in terms of capacity, find the additional effort needed to take on a BWTM project challenging, and difficult to spend the time needed. How can you execute the project in the most efficient way, and what to expect from the BWTS maker?