2021-10-31 Product news

On-demand webinar: Maximizing the Efficiency of your Engine Power Plant

In this on-demand webinar our  experts talk about maximizing the efficiency of your engine power plant. At Alfa Laval, we have solutions which can not only help in safeguarding the environment but also in saving natural resources. Our solutions make your plant more sustainable by recycling water,  recovering fuel and reducing emissions.

The industry is changing, especially when it comes to new demands concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection. Saving our planet demands that we maximize efficiency of our power generation processes. To safeguard people’s health and the health of our planet, initiatives to reduce waste and emissions to support cleaner power generation are essential. Air & water are precious resources and polluting these pose a major threat to human health and the climate. More sustainable production ensures protection of people and environment alongside profitability.

Today we see stricter environmental regulations in place and a demand for solutions which can comply with these regulations. Going forward we need to invest in technologies which can help us in achieving our environmental goals by achieving higher efficiency in plant operations thereby saving precious natural resources of our planet as they are essential for sustainable life on planet.

In this webinar we look at how Alfa Laval can support you in increasing efficiency of your engine power plant.



Prashant Kulkarni - Sales Manager, Marine & Diesel
Pontus Bergström - Industry Manager, Engine Power, BU Marine Separation & Heat Transfer
Sebastian de Groot - Business Developer, Gas Systems





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