2022-11-23 Product news

Valorization of fish & meat products

In this webinar, you will learn about the new features used in meat & fish processing to optimize your production. We will inform about the new developments which allows to get a low-fat content in your meal and improve the recovery of fat & oils from meat & fish by-products.

This webinar will also highlight sustainable technique that converts food waste into value-added products, which limits the disposal of food waste in landfills and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions.

Webinar includes latest development in our decanter for below processes:
- Dry rendering
- Wet rendering ( Press water & Centriflow)
- Waste blood valorization - FAT reduced meat

Who will benefit
- Meat & Fish meal plant producers
- Slaughterhouses to develop new opportunities
- Rendering industries
- Rendering plant consultants & integrators


meat and protein

Webinar: Valorization of fish & meat products

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