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Expert insights into your plate heat exchanger’s health

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are resilient, but like all equipment, they require proper maintenance. A poorly functioning heat exchanger may affect safety, product quality and energy costs. By regular and proactive maintenance performance is preserved and operations kept trouble-free and predictable.

Our field service experts can help you prevent future issues by identifying potential problems so that you can take necessary actions and avoid unexpected breakdowns, costly downtime, and major losses in production.

Key benefits:

  • Secured plant uptime and productivity
  • Prevention of safety issues
  • Optimized maintenance plans
  • Improved control of maintenance budgets
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Optimized performance
  • Increased heat recovery
  • Ensured product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs

Quick FAQs about equipment audit

When to use:
Equipment audit should be considered when any of the below exist:

  • Process critical equipment
  • Change in process conditions
  • Older installations

Who does the audit?

The audits are performed by our highly qualified Service Engineers with extensive gasket plate heat exchanger.

How do you get the results?

Audit findings and results, together with service and upgrade recommendations, are delivered to you in a detailed report.

Talk to our plate heat exchanger service expert

Learn more about the health checks available for gasketed plate heat exchangers:

Condition audit

By performing a Condition Audit, our specialists can find out the state of the equipment in terms of mechanical condition, cleaning requirements, or repair needs.

Condition audits include checking:

  • Frame and bolt condition
  • General plate condition
  • General gasket condition
  • Spare parts inventory
  • Gasket lifetime prediction*
  • Detailed plate condition including plate deformation test *
  • Detailed plate condition including connection linings*
  • Fouling evaluation*
    *For not-in-operation audit

Visual condition assessment



Thanks to our unmatched heat exchanger expertise, Alfa Laval can perform a visual inspection of your gasketed plate heat exchanger while it is in operation. Using infrared camera technology, we also evaluate the actual heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger. We then provide you with recommendations based on our findings and analysis of the thermal images.

Visual Condition Assessment includes checking:

  • Condition of frame parts
  • Plate condition
  • Gasket condition
  • Thermal performance

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Performance audit

With Performance audit, our field service experts can verify if your plate heat exchanger is performing according to design specifications and help identify areas where performance can be improved.

Performance audits include:

  • A visual inspection of the installed equipment
  • Data collection, including temperature differentials and flow rate on the actual operating condition
  • Performance benchmarking to derive heat exchanger’s optimal heat load

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