Decanter equipmet audit

Expert insights into your decanter’s health

Unplanned stops cost money. The best way to prevent them and prolong your decanter centrifuge life is to perform regular maintenance and use only genuine spare parts. With decanter audit from Alfa Laval, unplanned shutdowns are a thing of the past. Preventive maintenance keeps a decanter working efficiently, which lowers total cost of ownership and helps avoid unplanned interruptions, which can lead to production losses and accidents. Finally, properly maintaining a decanter will increase its overall lifetime.

Key benefits

  • Secure operation with greater uptime, availability and optimization
  • Avoid unplanned stops for maintenance/ repair
  • Avoid safety issues
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Optimize maintenance plans


Expert insights into decanter health

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When is the audit right for me?

Equipment audit should be considered when any of the below circumstances exist:

  • There is frequent use of abrasive unit
  • The decanter is critical in the process
  • Process conditions change



Who does the audit?

Our certified and experienced engineers inspect your Alfa Laval decanter to optimize performance and reduce operating costs.

How do you get the results?

After the audit, you will get an analysis of operating conditions with the recommendations of service intervals and maintenance plan according to the application.

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Condition audit

If you want to gain insights about the actual condition of your decanter and optimize it for the future, you should have a look at the Alfa Laval Condition Audit. Our specialists will analyze the state of your equipment and give you feedback on actions to be taken.

Knowing the condition of your decanter will allow you to:

  • Secure operation
  • Avoid unplanned stops for maintenance/repair
  • Avoid safety issues
  • Optimize maintenance plans

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Performance audit for wastewater decanters

Extend your decanter capability with an Alfa Laval Performance Audit to get decanter centrifuge optimization and cost-savings. Our service experts can help you get the best performance from your equipment. It will give you insight into decanter performance and answer questions such as:

  • Are flow and load maximized?
  • Is required cake dryness achieved or maximized?
  • Is centrate clean?
  • Is energy consumption minimized?
  • Is the use of polymer minimized?

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