How can you save money on better lube oil cleaning?

If you are handling lube oil in your production, then you already know the value of keeping it as clean as possible. Clean oil reduces corrosion and wear and tear of equipment, which in turn secures production and minimizes downtime and unnecessary problems along the way. High quality lubricating oils are costly and unneeded oil exchange is an environmental strain. The solution is to clean the oil so it can be used for a longer period. The question is - depending on your application, which oil purification system provides you with the best lube oil cleaning and saves money along the way?

Better lube oil cleaning

Better lube oil cleaning options and their cost impact

Today there are many different oil cleaning systems for lube oil cleaning on the market. The best choice depends in part on the types of contaminants with which you are dealing. The filter coalescer system, electrostatic cleaner, vacuum purifier and centrifugal separator are all lube oil cleaning options to choose from. A filter cannot clean both solid and liquid particles at the same time which in turn greatly limits their effectiveness. Of the other four, the only system that can handle a large capacity economically and with great flexibility is the centrifugal separator, which is therefore a better lube oil cleaning method in most large-scale applications. The separator is however a larger initial investment than the other options- but it also pays for itself relatively quickly.

Which oil cleaning system provides the best TCO and optimal productivity?

When justifying initial expenditure, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership. When it comes to cleaning both solids and liquids, oil cleaning centrifugal separators are the most effective way of cleaning and recycling oil of any of the options. This is what provides significant savings when it comes to better lube oil cleaning for numerous reasons. How clean the oil is greatly impacts the longevity of the main operating equipment. Oil cleanliness can extend a machine’s lifetime by a factor of two. See chart below for details.


Moisture level effect on machine life


Current level
of moisture,
Machine life extension by factor
50000 12500 6500 4500 3125 2500 2000 1500 1000 782
25000 6250 3250 2250 1563 1250 1000 750 500 391
10000 2500 1300 900 625 500 400 300 200  
5000 1250 650 450 313 250 200      
2500 625 325 225            
1000 250                

This chart is an estimate of prolonged machinery lifetime as an effect of clean oil. Image and information copy right and courtesy of Noria Corporation.


Comparison chart for lube oil cleaning technologies


 Disc stack centrifugeFilterCoalescer
Particles & water separation? yes no no
Particle removal yes yes no
Free water removed yes no yes
Emulsified water removed limited no limited
Dissolved water removed no no no
Capital cost high low low
Operating costs low high high
Total cost of ownership low high high


The best lube oil purifier to save you money

Based on factors such as initial investment, parts and equipment longevity, centrifugal separators have proven to be the most cost effective choice for removing both solid and fluid contamination. That, along with reduced downtime for servicing and cleaning, offer a lube oil cleaning system that offers a great value, while at the same time continuously keeping oil very clean.

Whitepaper: The importance of lube oil cleaning

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