Troubleshooting for Inert Gas Systems

Your inert gas generator’s operation is vital to the safety and operation of your vessel. Remote troubleshooting from Alfa Laval specialists can help your crew resolve performance or critical situations issues before they lead to critical situations.

Alfa Laval provides dedicated telephone support for all types of Alfa Laval Smit inert gas generators through a 24/7 service hotline. The support desk is manned by inert gas generator specialists who have operational experience, which means they can provide practical troubleshooting advice and professional support in critical situations. 

With guidance from our specialists, many issues can be resolved by your own crew. In other cases, the necessary spare parts or an Alfa Laval field service engineer can be dispatched directly.

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Please contact us for questions and service requests.

For marine service, please call
+46 4636 7700
or send an e-mail to

How to contact us

You can contact our service support desk in the following ways for remote troubleshooting or to provide supporting images/documents:

  • 24/7 service hotline: +31 24 352 3200
  • E-mail:


  • Expert support in preventing critical situations
  • Minimal inert gas generator downtime
  • Rapid assessment of spare part needs and deployment of a field service engineer if required
  • Minimized cost – crew members can be guided remotely to solve problems themselves

Scope of supply

Troubleshooting support from Alfa Laval is available for all Alfa Laval Smit inert gas generators:

  • Alfa Laval Smit LNG/LPG (BUFD/BUCD)
  • Alfa Laval Smit Combustion (FU/BU)
  • Alfa Laval Smit Gas MEM
  • Alfa Laval Smit Combustion Portable (Portinert)

Scope of service

  • Phone and e-mail support
    Remote guidance in dealing with inert gas generator issues is available from Alfa Laval specialists.
  • 24/7 service hotline
    Alfa Laval specialists are on hand 24/7 to resolve critical inert gas generator issues by phone.
  • Call-out services
    If shown to be necessary, Alfa Laval field service engineers can be dispatched for onsite troubleshooting anywhere in the world, in port or during voyage.

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