Performance Audit Marine for Separators

Optimizing the performance of your high-speed separators leads to peace of mind and lower cost of ownership. Through an Alfa Laval Performance Audit Marine, Alfa Laval experts can ensure that your separation equipment provides maximum reliability, safety and uptime.

What we do

Certified and experienced Alfa Laval service engineers inspect the separators installed on your vessel and check their operating parameters. They also discuss maintenance and operational procedures with your crew, providing technical recommendations and any updates they might need.

After the onboard visit, you receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations. These can be used to make valuable decisions about maintenance and upgrades, thus helping you avoid unnecessary maintenance and costly unplanned stops.

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  • Ensure separator reliability
  • Optimize performance
  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance and repair cost
  • Reduce spare parts consumption
  • Reduce oil losses
  • Identify process and installation improvement areas

Scope of service

A Performance Audit Marine can be performed in any major port. The time needed for the audit depends on the scope and the number of separators, but the service comprises the following workflow:

  • Pre-meeting with engineers
  • Visual inspections of the Alfa Laval separators
  • Check of process parameters and alarm history
  • Check of vibrations, maintenance procedures and interval times
  • Spare parts and inventory recommendations
  • Debriefing meeting with the engineers
  • Delivery of a survey report

This service is ideal for inclusion in an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

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