Service Kits - Dry Dock Kits for Aalborg boilers

When your vessel is in dry dock, you have a perfect opportunity to prevent incidents and ensure during the long period at sea to follow. Alfa Laval Aalborg dry dock kits ensure you have everything needed for proactive maintenance or a thorough overhaul of your boiler plant.

Well-packaged expertise

Alfa Laval is uniquely experienced in manufacturing and working with marine boiler systems. Having spent many decades servicing boilers and burners, our Alfa Laval service specialists know which components run the risk of failure after a certain period of time.

With this knowledge, we have created Alfa Laval Aalborg Dry Dock Kits for Alfa Laval Aalborg OL and AQ18 boilers with Alfa Laval Aalborg KBSD burners. Using the kits to perform timely maintenance in dry dock, you can avoid breakdowns during cargo operations, thus preventing safety hazards and serious consequences such as the loss of HFO and cargo heating.

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  • Higher burner performance
  • Burner reliability
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Alignment of your existing fleet with modern equipment aboard newbuilds

All the right OEM parts

Carefully assembled by our engineers, our Dry Dock Kits contain all the correct OEM spare parts for working with your boiler plant. Having one when you arrive at the dry dock means you avoid rush orders and added freight charges.

Ready to assist you

Our Dry Dock Kits contain everything you need to perform service on your boiler in dry dock. If you need support contact us for advice or arrange assistance from an Alfa Laval Service engineer.

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