Reconditioning for freshwater generators

Reconditioning from Alfa Laval’s trained experts lets you safeguard the performance your freshwater generator and its components. If you encounter scale, fouling, corrosion, leakage or other operational malfunctioning, it offers a cost-effective alternative to buying new parts and extends the total lifetime of your equipment.

What we do

Depending on your vessel’s specific freshwater generator, reconditioning is available for everything from the plates to the unit in its entirety. Service is performed at one of Alfa Laval’s state-of-the-art service centres, where your equipment is restored to its optimal performance. Thanks to Alfa Laval’s worldwide presence, reconditioning can be performed in most harbours around the globe. 

Delivery of your reconditioned unit or specific components is dependent on the availability of both parts and service time. Our local service organizations understand your need to restore fresh water production as fast as possible, and do their utmost to ensure that this is accomplished. 

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  • Ensures safety, operation reliability and distillate production
  • Provides access to the latest upgrades
  • Extends equipment lifetime

Additional benefits for original reconditioning of freshwater generator plates:

    • Prevents plate damage by using only certified chemicals
    • Increases productivity
    • Ensures perfect sealing because old glue and gaskets are completely removed
    • Uses only correct gaskets and oven-cured glue

Scope of service

Reconditioning of equipment varies based on the specific freshwater generator in operation aboard your vessel. Alfa Laval offers the following services:

Reconditioning of complete freshwater generators:

  • Available for AQUA, JWP, VSP, DPU and Dolphin units
  • The complete freshwater generator is sent to an Alfa Laval service centre
  • Scope of the service is defined by a prior agreement between you and Alfa Laval. Can include work on plates (including gaskets), pumps (including motors), valves and instruments, as well as the latest upgrades

Reconditioning of plates:

  • Available for all Alfa Laval freshwater generators
  • Includes: removal of gaskets, hydro-jet cleaning, chemical cleaning, crack detection, reassembly of gaskets, frame refurbishment, pressure testing, reconditioning report

Reconditioning of bearing blocks:

  • Available for ORCA units
  • Includes: dismounting and cleaning, exchange of hybrid bearings, exchange of all seals exchange of keys and springs, exchange of PT 100 sensors, exchange/repair of pulley (as needed), paint repair, test run in test field

Reconditioning of compressors:

  • Available for ORCA units
  • Includes: fan disassembly/assembly, cleaning, crack test and balancing impeller, exchange/repair of the bearing block (including PT 100 sensors), exchange of shaft (if needed), new bushing, new seals, new belt, exchange/repair of pulley (as needed), paint repair, test run in test field

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