Marine and Power Separator Training

After having attended this three-day course, you will be familiar with your equipment and the issues that affect its operation. You will also know how to optimize safety and ensure the correct handling that prevents unnecessary wear and unplanned stops.

This will contribute to lower not only your maintenance costs, but also your operating costs.

The training will be a mix of theoretical and hands-on sessions.

Target group

This course is targeting operators, technical staff and superintendents.


Alfa Laval Education Centre, Tumba (20 kilometres from Stockholm City), Sweden

Experienced trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified with long experience both from working in the field and also as trainers.


  • Basic separation theory
  • ALCAP theory
  • Heating systems
  • S-type separator
    - Disassembly
    - Parts identification
  • Fuel and lube oil handling
  • Marine & Diesel separator range
  • Separator operation, troubleshooting, discharge, intervals, cleaning
  • EPC 50 and EPC 60 Control System
  • Separator safety
  • Troubleshooting

Course dates 2018

March 5-7

May 15-17

August 28-30

Course fee

1,195.00 EUR/participant (includes lunches and refreshments during the course and one common dinner in Stockholm). 
Travel and hotel costs are excluded.

Questions regarding the course?

You are welcome to contact:

Gianlucca Oddo, Trainer

Jenny Barclay, Training Coordinator (for practical questions)

Participant Satisfaction Index

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Words from participants

The trainer was very knowledgeable and the quality of his lessons are brilliant
Fantastic course – very enjoyable and informative
Presentations and hands-on exercises are excellent
Very good material and documentation that helped me to understand better