Service Agreements

Alfa Laval Service Agreements not only maximize performance and minimize operating costs but also embody our commitment to sustainability. By prioritizing reliability, we contribute to reducing environmental impact and ensuring long-term efficiency for your operations. We further adopt sustainable service practices and optimize resource recovery as we recycle water, reduce waste, and commit to upholding environmental regulations and standards.

Alfa Laval Service Agreements Benefits

• Secured plant uptime and productivity
• Prevention of safety issues
• Optimized maintenance plans
• Improved control of maintenance budgets
• Increased equipment lifetime
• Optimized performance
• Elevate commitment to sustainability



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Take a tour of our integrated service centre
in Saudi Arabia

Learn more about how we service GPHE, WPHE, and decanters at our service center in Saudi Arabia. Join our Service Center Manager for a tour around the premises and see how our service experts ensure performance and uptime.

Service offer

As part of an Alfa Laval Service Agreement

• Priority support 24/7
• Regular assessment by our experts
• Genuine spare parts
• Preventive maintenance
• Technical documentation
• On-site assistance during operation
• Training
• Condition monitoring
• Remote support
• And many more.

Service Agreements Packages


• Fully customized version of services
• Highest Priority Services
• Reservation on spares & services
• Advanced Training Included



• Test Agreements for shorter period
• Ideal to be started with a Capital Equipment Sale
• Basic elements of 360o services



• Long term agreements with standard scope of services
• Priority Services
• Preferential Pricing
• Value Added Services
• Basic Training Included

How it works

Our experts:

• Discuss with you expected results, based on your goals and needs
• Define tailored scope of services
• Carry-out services on schedule, as planned, with continuous follow-up
• Hold yearly review and improvement meetings to identify new opportunities and secure continuous improvement

Delivery Options

• Field Service
• Alfa Laval Service Centres
• Remote & Digital Services

640 service agreement

Alfa Laval remote guidance

Secure continued uptime through remotely guided service steps Making sure your essential equipment or processes are running at peak performance is now more important than ever. And knowing that it may not possible to meet in person, Alfa Laval has developed remote guidance to virtually solve your service or maintenance issues – helping to improve up-time and yield throughout these challenging times and beyond.

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Achieve sustainability with remote guidance

Alfa Laval Remote Guidance ensures real-time virtual collaboration enhancing operational efficiency. Embracing this solution not only optimizes operations but also contributes to environmental conservation, aligning with shared sustainability goals.

How it works

List of equipment

Plate heat exchangers

Gasketed-plate-heat-exchanger 640x360

Compact Welded Exchangers

plate heat exchangers welded-plate-block


阿法拉伐P3卧螺离心机-Alfa Laval P3 decanter centrifuge


separators 640x360

Fresh Water Generators

2(640 360)

Drum thickeners

Drum thickeners 640

Case stories

Service agreements for biopharma producers

Discover a tailor-made service solution based on your specific needs in biopharma industry. Maximize equipment availability, process yield, product quality and patient safety in biopharma applications with an Alfa Laval Service Agreement.

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