Replacement for Aalborg boilers

After years of wear and tear or insufficient maintenance,a boiler’s performance can be degraded to the point where repair is no longer economical or technically feasible. In such cases, Alfa Laval provides a cost-effective replacement according to your specifications – even on an emergency basis.

As the leader in marine boilers, Alfa Laval can replace not only Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers and waste heat recovery systems, but also boilers of other brands. We can provide a 1:1 replacement of your original boiler, or supply a new boiler design if your requirements or steam demands have changed.

Installation materials, drawings, engineering, class approvals and other practicalities are all in our scope of supply. You receive a replacement that meets your needs perfectly, either fully assembled or as loose parts for final assembly on board.


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  • Realistic budget
  • Restored boiler uptime
  • Optimum performance and reliability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Long-term peace of mind

Scope of supply

Alfa Laval can replace the following boilers and waste heat recovery (WHR) systems:

  • Alfa Laval Aalborg steam boilers
  • Alfa Laval Aalborg thermal oil boilers
  • Alfa Laval Aalborg WHR-GT economizers
  • Alfa Laval Aalborg WHR economizers (after auxiliary engines)
  • Aalborg Vaerft, Aalborg boilers (AV, AQ, etc.)

Replacement boilers can be supplied fully assembled for planned installation in dry dock or alongside, or as loose parts for final assembly on board during voyage or port stays.

The following hardware aspects are included in Alfa Laval’s scope of supply:

  • Installation materials
  • Engineering
  • Class approvals and certificates
  • Drawings for production and bills of material

Boiler parts are fabricated in ISO-certified workshops using class-approved materials, which are readily available from Alfa Laval manufacturing units. The work is performed by experienced welders/boilermakers, using original documentation for any boiler originally supplied by Alfa Laval.

Scope of service

Boiler replacement services are available 365 days a year and in any part of the world. Alfa Laval undertakes all phases of a boiler replacement:

  • Preparation of the vessel and boiler room for the new boiler installation
  • Template fitting, alignment and tack-welding of boiler materials
  • Welding of boiler materials
  • Installation of valves and mountings
  • Pressure testing according to class requirements
  • Modification of all system (water and steam) pipes connected to the boiler as per requirements
  • Modification of the exhaust gas duct from the boiler
  • Installation of insulation and cladding as per requirements

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