Alfa Laval centrifuges for vegetable oil are continuously modernized to benefit from developments in materials, mechanical design and fluid dynamics. The VO range of low- and medium-sized separators are for continuous degumming, neutralizing, and washing.


VO separators are based on a simple, robust and well-proven, open design concept, and are easy to maintain. The design reduces the pressure drop across the separator and results in a low feed pressure requirement to the machine.

The bowls of the VO range are specifically designed for fatty oil separation. The geometry permits minimal pressure drop and high flow rates, and outlets are equipped with stationary paring devices for removal of the different phases. The paring device on the light phase is a fixed paring disc, while the paring device on the heavy phase is adjustable.

The diameter of the heavy phase paring device can easily be adjusted by changing the length of the paring tubes. This makes it possible to adjust the position of the separation interface in the disc stack, facilitating optimal separation.

With the working environment in mind, the VO separator range is designed to operate at low noise levels. This is achieved through a rubber-damped bearing assembly, and an outer bowl design engineered for low wind noise.

How it works

The centrifugal force causes separation in the disc stack, forcing the heavier particles towards the periphery of the bowl and is discharged automatically through ports, while the light phase flows towards the centre of the bowl.

The heavy phase is pumped out of the separator through the heavy-phase outlet at the top. Similarly, the lighter oil is pumped out for further processing through a separate light-phase outlet also in the top of the separator.