Vortex Bulk Booster

Fast, efficient bulk material transfer.

Alfa Laval Vortex Bulk Booster pneumatic conveying line booster product image

The Alfa Laval Vortex Bulk Booster is a simple solution for increasing the transfer rates of bulk powders through the guided injection of air into bulk pneumatic transfer lines.  Its unique design works in two ways to boost powder flow and has been shown to increase powder transfer rates by up to 40 percent. 


  • Simple, robust design, no moving part
  • Low maintenance with easy to replace internals

How it works

Vortex bulk booster

The Alfa Laval Vortex Bulk Booster is designed for the transfer line of a positive, dilute-phase conveying system. Air (from an air compressor or blower) is supplied to the air inlet of the Bulk Booster. When the air passes through the Bulk Booster nozzle, the increase in velocity generates a partial vacuum that sucks the upstream bulk material through the transfer line. The added air raises the conveying pressure in the downstream line, which propels the bulk material and maintains a high rate of flow.