Alfa Laval Ziepack compact in-column condensers, stab-in reboilers and gas-gas heat exchangers are designed for high condensation or evaporation duties, primarily in the petrochemical industry.

阿法拉伐Ziepack紧凑型塔内冷凝器-Alfa Laval Ziepack compact tower condenser

The construction of Ziepack plate bundles combines plate and welding technology with “hydroforming”, the use of high pressure water to shape plates. “Doubleplate channels” for the process cooling or heating medium are hydroformed between the welds of two laserwelded stainless steel plates.

Process fluid boils or condenses in “interplate channels”, i.e. the passages between two sets of doubleplate channels.

Their unique design makes Ziepack heat exchangers ideal where low pressure drop and compactness are essential, particularly in vacuum distillation columns. For revamps, Ziepack presents the added advantages of fitting available column space and accommodating existing equipment.

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How it works

Ziepack - How it works