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Unique features

Why do we call DuroShell ‘plate-and-shell made tougher?’ It’s all about the unique designs that set it apart. With decades of experience in heat transfer, along with some of the industry’s leading experts, we have developed innovations that make DuroShell more robust, more compact and more thermally efficient – all to help you achieve improved process sustainability.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell with PowerPack enables optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance
Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance 

Unlike other plate-and-shell designs, DuroShell features two rugged distribution tubes that run the length of the plate pack and are welded to the covers at each end. This PowerPack construction allows for compression of the plates, strengthening the plate pack for higher pressure and fatigue resistance.

An additional benefit of this design is that the tubes ensure even distribution of the media onto the plates, improving heat transfer and minimizing fouling potential.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell with RollerCoaster enables robust and efficient performance
Robust and efficient performance 

The patented pattern of DuroShell plates include symmetrical corrugated bumps that provide homogenous resistance in all directions. In addition to increased mechanical strength that can support higher design pressures, this also greatly boosts the unit’s overall fatigue resistance.

With different patterns on different parts of the plate, the RollerCoaster design also improves the efficiency of heat transfer through optimized fluid distribution across the entirety of the plate surface. This further reduces the risk of fouling by eliminating so-called “dry” or “hot” spots.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell with CutWing enables reduced weight with added reliability
Reduced weight with added reliability 

The unique CutWing shape of DuroShell plates enables incredibly effective multipass within the shell. While conventional plate-and-shell heat exchangers with fully round plates require excess external piping, DuroShell thus arrives with everything built-in. This translates to a reduction in both the footprint and installation costs.

The CutWing plate design also creates chambers on the shell side, which improve mixing of the circulating fluids. As a result, DuroShell can provide more reliable and superior thermal performance.

CutWing design

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