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Alfa Laval Integrity Test

Preventive maintenance for heat exchangers

Heat exchanger leak test - The proactive approach to safety and uptime

Heat exchangers are resilient, but they require proper maintenance like all equipment. Alfa Laval Integrity Test for heat exchangers can help you identify potential problems like cracks or leaks to take necessary actions and avoid unexpected breakdowns. By utilizing this preventive service, you ensure equipment uptime and product safety. This video introduces the Integrity Test procedure and what it can do for your business, as a proactive approach to securing uptime and product safety.

What is Integrity Test?

Alfa Laval Integrity Test is designed especially for gasketed plate heat exchangers and tubular heat exchangers. It helps you in the early detection of leakages and understand more about the condition of your plates and gaskets. With this knowledge, you can improve maintenance planning for your heat exchangers, stay in control of your production process and secure the safety of your product. In addition, the proactive approach gives you confidence in the reliability of your equipment.



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How does our Integrity Test for heat exchangers work?

Our Integrity Test offers unmatched accuracy and safety. A non-toxic, non-flammable mix of hydrogen and nitrogen is pumped through your heat exchanger(gasketed/tubular) revealing any microscopic cracks, corrosion or material fatigue. Our precision sensors pick up any discharge of gas and identify the type of flaw - micro-cracks, corrosion, gasket failure and more. The heat exchanger test takes as little as 15 minutes per section. With this test our experts detect cracks in your unit’s plates and evaluate the risk of media cross-contamination. Watch this explanatory animation. 

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Integrity Test method – Heat exchanger leak detection

‘Adding value to your daily operations’

Product Safety

The risk of product safety and product loss is decreased. This leak detection test identifies the conditions of plates, whether corrosions or micro-cracks and reduces the risk of product safety.

Equipment Uptime

Improve maintenance planning and avoid unexpected downtime. Doing this test once or twice a year will significantly improve maintenance planning and ensure the equipment is in good condition. As a result, the lifespan of your heat exchangers is prolonged.

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Environmental Friendliness

With this hydrogen test reduces the environmental footprint of chemicals, Helium or water compared to other test methods.


The integrity test is a well-established method to fulfilling your regulatory demands. Accurate results from a fully automated system provide reliable documentation for audits supported by Alfa Laval recommendations.