Alfa Laval - Reactor temperature controller in green chemicals production

Reactor temperature controller in green chemicals production

A green chemicals plant in France decided to replace a failed heat exchanger with Alfa Laval DuroShell.

DATE 2019-10-14

A green chemicals plant in France endured longstanding problems with a heat exchanger used for controlling reactor temperature. Sudden steam injections in the reactor resulted in rapid temperature and pressure changes, which in turn caused fatigue in the heat exchanger. The company's engineers decided to replace the failed heat exchanger with a DuroShell.

With its unique design, DuroShell secures fatigue resistance up to five times higher than other plate-and-shell heat exchangers. The high thermal transfer and low hold-up volume let DuroShell regulate temperatures quickly and accurately, which is important for both product quality and process yield.

DuroShell plate-and-shell heat exchanger

Alfa Laval DuroShell is a plate-and-shell heat exchanger specially engineered for demanding duties such as high pressure and high temperature applications.

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Alfa Laval DuroShell RollerCoaster


Robuste et efficace


A patented plate pattern optimizes thermal efficiency with improved fatigue resistance, flow distribution and mechanical strength. 

Alfa Laval DuroShell PowerPack


Optimized flow distribution and fatigue resistance


Patented design enables improved fluid distribution, mechanical strength and unparalleled fatigue resistance.