Refreshingly cool with Optigo

Alfa Laval has selected the best features from its previous ranges of air coolers and developed the most effective range of commercial air coolers ever.

DATE 2017-07-13 AUTHOR Cari Simmons

Optigo is Alfa Laval’s new range of Eurovent-certified commercial air coolers especially suitable for food preparation areas, chilled distribution depots, supermarkets, restaurants and other applications in small to medium-sized cooling and freezing rooms.

The new air cooler platform was launched early this year, starting with the release of the CS (commercial slim) models. Optigo combines the best of Alfa Laval’s previous commercial air cooler ranges, says Harald Hoogendoorn, market manager, Commercial Refrigeration at Alfa Laval. “And now we have made life a little easier by merging the best features from all of them into one single product range,” he says.

One of the main benefits of the Alfa Laval Optigo range is the energy savings. All Optigo coolers use modern EC motors as standard to drive the fans with superior energy efficiency, using up to 50 percent less energy than competing products. “A new coil configuration gives optimal performance with less refrigerant,” says Hoogendoorn.

Alfa Laval Optigo’s unique coil block has been designed specifically for the refrigeration market with a very small tube diameter requiring fewer refrigerants to charge the system. This in turn reduces the amount of energy required. Optigo can utilize either natural refrigerants (CO2) or HFCs.

The Optigo units are delivered assembled, ready for a quick installation. “Just connect the unit to electricity, fill up refrigerant and place the side panels, and the unit is ready to start,” says Hoogendoorn.

The compact air coolers have high air quality, yet fit into small spaces. The Optigo CS20, for example, is just 15 centimetres high and can be wall mounted. At the same time, it is available in six different capacities, providing airflow of 500 to 1,700 cubic metres per hour. The CS30 model offers up to 20 variations, the largest of which provides airflow of 4,200 cubic metres per hour.

Designed for use in hygienic areas containing food, the Alfa Laval Optigo follows the HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) recommendations, an internationally recognized way of managing food safety. The air coolers are easy to dismantle for easy cleaning. Optigo is made of durable plastic and powder-coated aluminium, which together help eliminate the risk of corrosion.

As part of Alfa Laval’s continuing focus on air-cooling improvements for all customers and end users, another new range of coolers, this time designed for the industrial market, will be launched in 2012.


  • Energy savings: Uses up to 50 percent less energy than competing products
  • Compact design: Features the Optigo slim design (the CS20 is just 15 centimetres high).
  • Easy to install: Is shipped ready to install, reducing installing time by 30 percent
  • Less refrigerant: Uses a new compact coil block with a smaller tube diameter, minimizing the amount of refrigerant needed.