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Alfa Laval launches Screw press 40 – Easy to install, operate and maintain

At the IFAT 2016 exhibition in Munich, Germany, from May 30 to June 3, Alfa Laval – a leading global provider of solutions and services for the water and waste treatment – introduces a new, innovative screw press for simple, silent dewatering.

Alfa Laval is extending its screw press range with the new, innovative Screw Press 40. With double capacity compared to the existing Screw Press 20, it serves mid size wastewater treatment plants and industrial customers that need a high performance, cost-efficient dewatering solution without previous thickening. Alfa Laval Screw Presses are designed for dewatering of flocculated slurry and ideal for customers with focus on low power consumption, low noise level, easy maintenance and minimal supervision. 

The new Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 is an evolution in design that has led to a number of new, innovative features, all focused on easy installation, operation and maintenance to keep installation costs and total cost of ownership down.

Lightweight and maintenance friendly

A unique, patent pending frame with a special lattice grid structure ensures a very high structural strength with much less steel than a traditional screw press design. A light, planetary gearbox provides power transmission that enables a very high torque with low power consumption.

The screens of the Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 can be split vertically, enabling easy on-site maintenance of the conveyor from the side, while still mounted in the casing. If necessary, the conveyor can be removed from the side and put back, eliminating the need to send the entire screw press away for service.

“Thanks to the special grid structure and planetary gearbox the new Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 has a remarkably low weight and does not require a reinforced foundation, thus keeping the installation costs down,” says Screw Press Product Manager Anders Jönsson, Alfa Laval. “The vertically split screens offer much better access than traditional screw press designs. This simplifies maintenance and keeps downtime and costs to a mimimum.”

Screw Press 40 also offers other advantages that are characteristic for the Alfa Laval screw press range: A pneumatic cleaning system that flushes the screw press screens while the press remains in continuous operation, a screw conveyor optimised for highest dewatering performance and the Alfa Laval polymer mixing valve, delivered as standard with every screw press. The mixing valve eliminates the need for a separate flocculator tank or mixer, reduces polymer consumption, and provides up to 5% better cake solids than without valve.
The Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 has a dewatering capacity up to 10 m3/h digested sludge
or 20 m3/h waste activated sludge.

Since Alfa Laval in 2013 launched its first smaller model, Screw Press 20, it has been sold to numerous customers around the world for many different dewatering duties. Examples include sludge from municipal wastewater treatment as well as industrial: Food, dairy, wine and fish processing plus electronics and tobacco production.

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