Heating and cooling

Heat and cold are fundamental opposites. Mediating between them is a necessary part of onboard operations, and Alfa Laval has a long history of streamlining this exchange. As our innovative solutions grow smaller and more efficient, we continue to redefine the norm.

Water and fire

Leading thermal expertise

Heat exchangers are a mature technology, yet Alfa Laval is still pushing limits. Having led the shift from yesterday's heat exchangers to today's compact and energy-efficient solutions, we continue to lead with new techniques, such as laser welding and 100% stainless steel brazing in our plate heat exchangers (PHEs). 

Our innovations, which optimize heat transfer and minimize fouling, do more than reduce the size of the heat exchanger. By minimizing losses, they maximize cooling capacity and the availability of cheap heat energy.

Innovations in heat exchanger design

Over the years, our R&D has produced major advances in heat exchanger design. Our optimized PHE plate patterns, including the brand new pattern of the T35 heat exchanger, are an excellent example. And by fine-tuning tube construction and placement, we've increased the durability and flexibility of shell-and-tube heat exchangers as well.

We've made similar advances in our gaskets, from specialized elastomers to efficient clip-on constructions like our new ClipGrip™ system. And there will be more advances in the future. 


Marine & Diesel Service