Fuel cleaning

Alfa Laval fuel separators help to ensure maximum uptime of your engine, elimination of frequent filter changes, stocking and disposal as well as reduce unscheduled maintenance of your engine.

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Separation and filtration solutions

To meet stringent emission legislations, achieve peak fuel efficiency and generate the highest power density, modern engines require clean fuel free of dirt and water. Delivered fuel quality is typically uncontrolled and dirty. If the fuel is not cleaned properly it can lead to:

  • Frequent filter changes
  • Costly injector and fuel system repairs
  • Poor engine performance

Alfa Laval was founded on its centrifugal separator technology. Utilizing this technology, with enhanced high efficiency disc stack technology, our fuel separators can effectively remove particles, as small as sub micron, and water from fuel.

Fuel separators can eliminate the pre-filters typically fitted to the engine or genset – substantially increasing the lifetime of the final stage fuel filters, while unscheduled downtime for fuel injector and fuel system repairs is greatly reduced.