Free cooling air

Air-based free cooling uses low-temperature outdoor air as cooling medium for chilled water. This method is an economical and eco-friendly solution for air conditioning compared to mechanical cooling. Find out how to gain the extensive benefits of free cooling in specific applications and integrate it in a complete cooling solution.

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Find the right cooling combination 

Free cooling can cover cooling requirements during colder periods of the year when the outside air temperature drops below the required process temperature. In air-based solutions, air passes through a dry cooler, adiabatic cooler or cooling tower on its way to the heat exchanger. Alfa Laval uses its extensive application knowledge to identify the optimum between free cooling and chiller cooling for year round operation. The energy ratio between a chiller and free cooling is 5 to 1 compared to mechanical cooling.

Gain the full benefits of free cooling

Alfa Laval is the only supplier offering the combination of adiabatic cooler or dry cooler and gasketed plate heat exchanger at the core of air-based free cooling systems. Efficient heat exchange is the key to gaining maximum benefits from free cooling. And that is why Alfa Laval heat exchangers are used in air-based free cooling applications worldwide.

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