Carbon capture and storage

Post-combustion carbon capture and storage is one way that power plants fuelled by carbon-based fuels achieve significant emissions reductions. However, capturing carbon dioxide in flue gas is an energy-intensive process. Alfa Laval’s proven high-efficiency heating and cooling technologies play a vital role in minimizing energy consumption.

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Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Post-combustion capture of carbon dioxide from flue gases at fossil-fuel power plants helps achieve significant reductions in emissions to the atmosphere.

Alfa Laval has a broad portfolio of plate heat exchangers to meet the demands of this energy-intensive process. The result is high energy recovery at the lean/rich interchanger, where most of the heat recovery in the capture process takes place. Moreover, Alfa Laval AlfaVap semi-welded heat exchanger and Compabloc welded heat exchangers are a good fit in the stripper reboiler and condenser positions, respectively.

Process overview