Crankcase gas emission abatement

Reducing emissions from internal combustion engines is a major environmental concern. Up to now, most of the focus has been on exhaust gases. However, crankcase gas has come into focus as an area where further emission reductions can – and should – be made.

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Removing oil and particles

Alfa Laval PureVent represents a radical new approach to the cleaning of crankcase gas in high-capacity installations. Developed specifically for use with marine diesel engines and power plant generators, PureVent uses high-speed centrifugal separation to remove oil mist and particles from the gas vented from the engine crankcase. The collected oil can even be recirculated for use as lubricant.

The cleaning efficiency is as high as 99.99% at a capacity of 40 m3/hour, and 98.5% at 150 m3/hour. These very stable performance values cannot be matched by any previously existing technology. Traditional cyclones, air traps and filters are not able to provide as stable cleaning efficiency through the maintenance intervals.