Bio oil production

Bio oils can be produced in many different ways, including via GMOs from yeast and bacteria, algae, pine or corn. Alfa Laval provides a wide range of solutions for processing such bio oils, including separation, heat transfer and fluid handling equipment.

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Separation equipment

Alfa Laval centrifugal separators are ideal for use in harvesting biomass containing lipids and for the purification of immiscible oil fractions in liquid-liquid duties. Alfa Laval membrane filtration units are ideal for pre-concentration and water recovery.

Heat transfer equipment

Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers provide efficient heating and cooling of process streams as well as being used in condensation duties. Alfa Laval evaporation systems are widely used for the concentration of biomass and waste streams.

Fluid handling equipment

Alfa Laval also supplies fluid handling equipment that includes pumps, valves, agitators and tank cleaning equipment.