Alfa Laval at COP28

30 November to 12 December, United Arab Emirates

Alfa Laval at COP28 – committed to fast-tracking the energy transition toward net zero

The world’s largest meeting on climate change, COP (Conference of the Parties), took place for the 28th time in United Arab Emirates, Middle East. Once again, Alfa Laval was part of the Swedish delegation to engage in dialogue with decision makers, regulators, partners and customers to act together and speed up the road towards net zero.

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Innovating the industries our societies depend on

Our aim is to encourage and enable collaboration to fast-tracking the energy transition, reduce emissions and increase the usage of renewable energy sources across the value chain. Acting together in partnerships, across industries, will be crucial to course correct and support the systemic shift.


Anna Celsing

Chief Sustainability Officer



Nish Patel

President Food & Water Division


Madeleine Gilborne

VP Energy Division


Thomas Møller

President Energy Division 

How Alfa Laval was engaged in COP28

  • Actions to achieve a decarbonized and resilient value chain − panel discussion in Swedish Pavilion. Speaker: Thomas Møller – Link to recorded session
  • Creating solutions for a world that lasts forever  − panel discussion in Finnish Pavilion. Speaker: Anna Celsing 
  • Accelerating the delivery of industrial decarbonization − interactive panel. Carbon Clean COP28 Programme − Link to register.
  • Accelerate sustainable cities across value chains to reach net zero − session in We Don’t Have Time Pavilion in Blue Zone. Speaker: Thomas Møller. Link to registerLink to live broadcast.
  • Solving long wait times in port with innovative technologies − panel discussion in Swedish Pavilion. Speaker: Kim Sorensen  – Link to recorded session
  • The Case for Industrial Energy Efficiency: Economic and Climate Impacts – webinar hosted by Energy Efficiency Movement. Speaker: Julien GennetierLink to coming webinar on YouTube

All times in Gulf Standard Time (GST) +3 hours to CET



  • Alfa Laval at COP28 – committed to fast-tracking the energy transition toward net zero – Read the news

Some examples of what we do

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According to IEA, 40 percent of the carbon emission savings required for achieving Net-Zero will come from energy efficiency. Alfa Laval's heat exchangers optimize heat transfer in a wide range of applications across various industries, reducing capacity needs by 100 GW and curbing carbon dioxide emissions by 50 million tonnes annually. Proper maintenance of heat exchangers could prevent up to 2.5 percent of the world's CO2 emissions, emphasizing the cornerstone role of energy efficiency in reducing carbon emissions within water handling and food & pharma production.


Alfa Laval places a specific focus on water-related challenges, considering that 70 percent of all freshwater is utilized for agriculture and livestock. To sustain life as we know it, there is an annual need to increase clean water generation by 1 percent. Alfa Laval's water solutions revolve around the use, reuse, and purification of water while emphasizing water preservation as a critical asset. The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of circular water management and continually reducing water usage.

sustainable food
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The food industry contributes to a third of all greenhouse gas emissions today, and Alfa Laval's offering builds on a legacy of optimizing the energy efficiency of equipment and processes in this sector as well as optimizing food and pharmaceutical process in order to minimize the use of natural resource while maximizing the yield.


As of January 1, 2023, it is mandatory for all ships to calculate their Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and establish their annual operational carbon intensity indicator (CII) and CII rating. Ships utilizing low-carbon fuels receive better ratings than those using fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is a crucial avenue to reduce emissions from shipping without compromising cargo capacity or speed. Alfa Laval offers a range of solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the shipping industry, including more efficient hull designs, waste heat recovery methods, energy management on ships, optimization of ship operations, and weather routing.

Our take on sustainability

Alfa Laval has the solutions, see how we contribute to the race towards net zero.

Supporting UN goals

Learn how Alfa Laval contributes to 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More about the difference we make

Through work with energy efficiency, clean energy, circularity and more, Alfa Laval is providing poineering sustainable solutions. Here are just a few concrete examples.

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The Energy Efficiency Movement

As part of the Energy Efficiency Movement, Alfa Laval is putting focus on the most sustainable form of energy – the energy that hasn’t been produced in the first place.

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Concept Zero

Alfa Laval is partnering with SSAB to develop the world’s first heat exchanger made from fossil-free steel. This is a key step on our way to a fully carbon neutral heat exchanger by 2030.

Learn more


Carbon capture, utilization and storage

Carbon capture is energy-intensive but plays a vital role to decarbonization. With Alfa Laval’s efficient heat transfer technology, we can reduce the energy consumption of this process with up to 40%.

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Plant-based protein

Plants can answer the rising demand for sustainable protein sources, and Alfa Laval is making it happen. Our solutions for processing plant-based protein boost both quality and yield.

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Long duration energy storage

As an initiator of the Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Council, Alfa Laval is working to remove a key barrier to clean power: the intermittent nature of renewable energy.

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Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen offers a zero-emission fuel solution for many sectors. Through a broad portfolio of thermal and separation technologies, Alfa Laval is enabling the transition.

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Beer concentration

Revos is a high-pressure, low-temperature concentration system that removes water from beer and beverages yet retains the original flavour profile upon rehydration. 


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Olive oil processing

By using evaporation systems and decanter separation technology it is possible to harvest valuable antioxidants and pomace olive oil from the leftovers of the olive oil extraction process.


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Weather information services

StormGeo, owned by Alfa Laval, provides weather information services helping customers mitigate risk, improve safety and make sustainable choices on routes and operations.


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